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Mat Cutters

BIEDERMANN ProfiLine mat cutters are the result of long-time experience and consequent development. The cutting head slips free from play, practically without attrition on 4 ball transfer tables with a precision linear guide. This enables a precise, wearless leading and therefore an accurate cutting of mats.


The machines are available either with mechanical or with pneumatic pressure bar. In the mechanical version the pressure bar is lifted and lowered manually with a reversing lever, in the pneumatical version by short stroke cylinders.


The mat cutters are by standard equipped with precision measuring stops which ensure an accurate cut at the corners. The stops can be adapted up to 25 cm width of mat margin.


BIEDERMANN mat cutters convince by easy handling and high quality.

Mat Cutters & Accessories
Code Model


Cutting length

Outer size Weight
14.005.120 M 120SN


120 cm

50 x 152,5 x 10 cm 28 kg
14.005.150 M 150SN


150 cm

50 x 182 x 10 cm 33 kg
14.006.120 P 120SN


120 cm

50 x 152,5 x 7 cm 25 kg
14.006.150 P 150SN


150 cm

50 x 182,5 x 7 cm 28 kg
14.006.180 P 180SN


180 cm

50 x 212,5 x 7 cm 32 kg




Code Description
14.301.103 (012CE) Blades (cut on one side)
14.301.104 (1500SE) Blades (cut on one side)
14.201.203 (095G) Blades (cut on both sides)
14.201.204 (096G Blades (cut on both sides)


Blade magazine

Code Description
14.101.001 Blade magazine (bevel cut)
14.101.002 Blade magazine (straight cut)


Right stop

Code Description
14.102.100 Right stop 100 cm


Stop for multiple corners

Code Description
14.101.005 Stop for multiple corners


Measuring stop

Code Description
14.101.108 Measuring stop, 50 cm


Lifting and Pressing Mechanism

The mat board is held by a special type of lifting and pressing mechanism. The pressure bar is lifted and lowered by a reversing lever. Instead of involved holding by hand, the mat board is exactly held-regular and with constant pressure along the pressure bar.

In contrast to conventional machines, both hands are free. Even when several persons are working, it is not necessary to readjust the blade and large mats can be cut from the side without problems.

The pressure bar goes exactly up and down – an essential advantage for precision, especially when cutting mats without measuring stops.

The Profi Line S mat cutters are also available as pneumatic version. Here the pressure bar is lifted and lowered by a pneumatic cylinder. A further advantage that results in a time saving of more than 25%.

Precision Linear Guide

In order to get the highest possible precision, the cutting block runs on a new linear moving system with four precision ground linear guidance systems with recirculating linear ball bearings. Practically wearless this innovation guarantees a permanent exactness unknown up to now and absolutely precise linear movement.

The coefficient of friction is by factor 40 lower than in conventional ball bearings and by factor 90 lower than in slide bushs.